28 Retro Cut Price Commodore Games

Launched in 1983 Mastertronic games were the original cut price computer game company. The 1.99 range available from leading petrol stations and newsagents were very popular with kids whose pocket-money couldn’t stretch to full price games. Some games worked, some didn’t, some were blatant copyright infringements (see chiller) and some were actually quite good.

1985 The Day After

Action Biker Clumsy Colin

Ball Crazy

BigMac - Mastertronic

BMX Racers

Caves Of Doom


Dark Star

Duck Shoot

Energy Warrior

Finders Keepers

Five A Side Soccer

Fomula 1 Simulator

Gun Law

Human Race

- Mastertronic

Kick Start

Quest for the holy grail

Mr Puniverse





Speed King



The Captive

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