Audience members feedback

For the past month I’ve advertised on various forums to get feedback from audience members about what has attracted them to specific shows and what has put them off seeing a show. I’ve assembled the comments so far into one article and as more feedback comes in I’ll add it to the article. The comments are direct quotes from the replies on this site and emails I’ve received.

The Fringe Programme.

I think Free shows need to be in it, and they shouldn’t load their ad space with stupid gimmicks like having every word begin with the same letter, or repeat the same work. I find that wankerish.”

“(The blurb) needs to point out why the show is different from others,  pointing out the key elements – and just not the millionth derivation of the word funny.”

“I want to know what your show is about? If you can’t put this succinctly into one sentence, I get the feeling your show is going to be a big mess with no structure.”

“A good picture in the programme makes all the difference.”

“Something unique in the program really catches my attention.”

“A hack subject will make me want to punch you, not watch you, so don’t put something like ‘a show about relationships, life’s lessons, chlamydia”.

“I don’t care if you won an award ten years ago, but if you were Rob Brydon’s mother or you’ve been successfully going for 15 years, then yeah, you’ve got my interest. I also don’t give a toss where you went to uni.”

“Tell me you’ve had great reviews in the past.”


“I can image its bloody hard to flyer for a month and try to stay perky, but its got me into shows so stick at it.”

“Tell me you’ve worked at your show. If the act works hard on their show, I’ll try harder to come see it.

Why did you see what you  saw?

“Shows my friends were in”

“I knew they were good. I was recommended the shows by people who had already seen them”

“Chose from the Fringe Programme (Eg Ivor Dembina‘s shows – clear, intriguing with a good pic)

“I talked to the performer when he was flyering. Hayden’s Rantings of A Young Fool comes to mind. I could tell he was a nice guy, experienced at the industry and what he did, and friendly – all within a few seconds.”

If you have any more feedback you’d like to add to this article then please do so. Any comments made on the form below or this page will come directly to me.

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