Best Posters from the 2010 Free Festival Comedy shows

My selection of the best five Free Festival posters from 2010.

Kunt and the Gang


Bold, eye-catching and unreservedly smutty. Nice touches include the spunky cock and Jade Goody’s bald head in an egg cup.

rogues handbook

Great use of colour. Shows that you don’t have to use photography.

Designed by Kev  F Sutherland

Rosalie Delaney - Berlin for Beginners

Sex definitely sells but the “carry on” style lettering works really well.

Phil Knoxville

Nice use of colours. Great lettering. Good solid piece of design work.

Imran Yusuf

Aside from the overall quality I like the way they’ve actually included a lot of information without it getting too crowded. The full blurb from the programme, dates, venue, free festival logo, Imran’s name in massive letters and big photo of him. Really well done.

One thought on “Best Posters from the 2010 Free Festival Comedy shows

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