Best Fringe Comedy Posters Edinburgh 2010

If you’re designing posters for the fringe it’s important that you create the right feel for a fringe show and comedy.

These posters are my favourite ones from the 2010 fringe. (I’ve not included posters that I’ve designed or posters by people I know well, so don’t be offended if yours isn’t here)

Not really a fringe show, it’s a show by a known rock star in a massive venue, but it’s a good piece of marketing.

Pappy’s Fun Club did their first fringe show as part of the Free Fringe in 2006. A year later they were nominated for the Comedy Award. This may well be a composite image put together from three separate photo shoots. If you’ve got an ensemble cast it can be a nightmare trying to get everyone in the same place at the same time.

Shappi Khorsandi

Continuing the bouncing around theme Dommet and Lampaert.

Who doesn’t find this picture funny?

Not actually a comedy show but a good image nonetheless, and consider how striking it is considering it’s mostly grey.

Arj Barker

Josh Howie photo by G CooperJosh Howie.

Worth pointing out that you don’t have to have a shot done in a studio. There’s a lot of post production done with the colour scheme in Photoshop but basically this is an image taken in a park on a fairly overcast day.

Susan Calman. Again shot on location.

Tom Wrigglesworth

Designed using an existing promo shot of the comic. If it’s not convenient to get everyone together it is still possible to put something that looks professional.

If you hadn’t already noticed Ali Cook is a magician. Notice how this information would have come across from just from the image alone without any text.

Again someone who did their first show with the free festival. I like how simple this poster is but I also like the fact the production cost here is minimal. A shot of the act in front of a plain background. A reasonable amount of Photoshop work done but this image could easily have been shot in someone’s bedroom.

Phil Nichol. Simple but effective.

Loretta Maine photo by G CopperLoretta Maine. Great use of colour. A lot of fringe posters go for warm colours and neutral tones this doesn’t but works really well.

Paul Sinha.

Really inventive use of space. Two shows in one poster.

Josie Long.

Sean Hughes. This is the classic approach to selling fringe shows. Photo of the act and text. This poster could have been for a show ten years ago, or in ten years time.

Doon MacKichan. Same with the Sean Hughes poster. “Old skool” design

Simon Donald.

Frisky and Mannish

5 thoughts on “Best Fringe Comedy Posters Edinburgh 2010

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  3. Hey some great selections here. I photographed the Loretta Maine and Joshua Howie posters above so thanks for the positive comments! Good to get feedback – hopefully I’ll make the 2011 shortlist.

    • Hi Graeme,

      Thanks for message.

      I’ve edited the post to include a link to your website on the Josh Howie and Lorretta Maine images, and installed a credit for you.

      If you’d like to show case any more comedy related posters that you’ve worked on, I’ve set up a non for profit site at

      The images credit the photographer and designer, and link to their sites so at the very least it will help your google rating.



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