Best Fringe Comedy Posters Edinburgh 2009

If you’re designing posters for the fringe it’s important that you create the right feel for a fringe show and comedy.

Following on from the popularity of the compilation of posters from the 2010 programme, these posters are my favourite ones from the 2009 fringe. (Again I’ve not included posters that I’ve designed or posters by people I know well, so don’t be offended if yours isn’t here). I’ve also included some entries from Theatre Shows.

Mark Thomas

Mickey Flanagan

Marcus Brigstocke and some parodies of press quotes.

This photo of Simon Munnery has been used in the fringe guide for a few years running. In 2009 it was given a completely different look and feel in Photoshop.

In 2009 I’d actually planned on doing a pastiche of the same Magritte painting. Then the fringe guide came out and Rudy Lickwood had already done it.

Simon Brodkin used this pastiche of the Best of Blur album cover for a few years running. Not sure if this was 2008 or 2009 but I’d also designed something similar for “The Great Big Comedy Picnic” and once again when the fringe guide came out found someone had beaten me to it.

There’s a strange logo in the middle of the poster at the bottom. No idea what it’s for.

Tom Wrigglesworth

Brian Gittins brilliant example of simplicity working well.

Adam Hills

Who doesn’t find this funny?

Later on the show became released as a DVD and was the best-selling Comedy DVD of Christmas 2010

Sexy without a hint of cleavage

Classic Promo style shot used to great effect.

Leila Hackett and Charlotte Hudson

As a general rule of thumb photography sells comedy shows, but this works well.

Des Clarke

Took me ages to work out what this image actually was.

Tiger Lillies.

Shows from the Theatre Section

Not really that keen on the image but the lettering is great.

Again not really that keen on the image but the lettering is great.

Kept the red border at the bottom to show how striking the contrast between the red and white is.


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