More Ways To Save Cash On Your Show

You need a website for your show. I mentioned some internet stuff in an earlier article. This piece specifically deals with the internet, having a site for your show and what you can get free.

Web Hosting

First off you need somewhere to host your site. Web hosting isn’t that expensive. TSO Host are a UK-based company that have an excellent customer service help desk and charge £14.99 per year (£1.25 per month). That’s for a light user but unless you’re getting hits on your website by the 1000s each day than that package should cover you.

Free web hosting

Believe it or not you can get free web hosting without having to have any adverts on your site. 000Webhost also give you more storage space than TSO Host and let you have more visitors in a month. I’ve no idea how they do this, but it’s genuine because I used it to house the new version of The Art of Comedy

Pros and Cons

TSO Host Pro: Due to the fact it’s a paid for service it’s more reliable to use and the customer support is excellent.

000Webhost Pro: It’s free and they also have a decent website building tool which lets those of you that don’t know what you’re doing get the job done.

000Webhost Con: Due to the fact a large number of scammers set up dodgy websites on it, you can get locked out of your account on a regular basis while they check your site to make sure it’s legitimate. Your site is still viewable you’re just not able to edit anything.

000Webhost Con: The question is how long will they last for if all there customers are freebies. So there’s also the possibility of your site just getting turned off if they close down.

Web Address

You need a domain address for your site. Makes things look more professional and they’re easier to remember. A UK web address costs about £6 from 123 Reg and is valid for 2 years.

The gallery site I recently set up for stand up posters uses the address is .TK domain addresses are free from a company called
My Dot TK

Pros and Cons

My Dot TK Pro: Lots of domains are already taken so you stand a good chance of getting whatever you want.

My Dot TK Con: You can’t prove ownership of the site with Google and the other search engines so getting it high up in the search listings might be difficult. However most of your referrals will probably come from your posters and flyers, and the fringe website so that might not be an issue.

123 Reg Pro: You’re able to prove ownership of the site.

123 Reg Pro: It’s likely to be more reliable.

Blog Sites

If you’re not that familiar with web design – or you just don’t give a toss – then you might find it easier just to use a blog site like this as your website. After all they’re designed to be straight forward to use, they allow you to easily upload you’re own media such as photos and youtube videos . They easily interact with the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. They also supply you with details of how many people have looked at the site and tell you where they came from.

You can also have more than one contributor to your blog. So if you’re in a compilation show you can each keep an on-line diary of your time at the fringe. Which is really helpful as it allows you to keep track of what gets quite confusing at times. I can tell you the events of each fringe I’ve been to but I couldn’t tell you the order in which things happened.

The two most well-known options are:-

WordPress – This is where this site is hosted and in my experience it has been excellent.

Blogger –  Free service from Google. Very easy to use and easy to change the look of so as it looks more like a website than a blog.

Both come with a huge amount of space, you’re not limited to how many people can look at the site, they’re on-line 99.99% of the time and everything is automatically backed up for you. Both will allow you to have a .TK address point to them.

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