Are you planning on doing a show?

An idea that struck me today as potentially interesting was to include a blog section on the site of anyone whose been following the articles and details how they’re getting on with stuff, or anyone who would just like to keep a fringe blog on a site that’s getting traffic through it already.

Ideally what I’m thinking is:-

1) In between now and August keeping an irregular blog, that keeps a record of photo shoots, script meetings, final versions of posters, previews, arguments and anything else. To show how you’re progressing with things.

2) In August a once a day round-up of the days events at the fringe of around 200 words, with photos. Stuff from a mobile good enough.

3) The blogs be reasonably entertaining, (not excessively) long and hopefully informative.

4) The writers be honest enough to detail when gigs have gone wrong.

Who would be good?

  • First timers putting on their own show, either on their own or as part of a group.
  • Regulars. Who have done shows before and want to record of stuff for their failing memory.
  • Anyone I might not have thought of who thinks they can add something to the project.

Benefits of doing it

  • A record of the experience.
  • A chance to post your own links to websites and twitter accounts.
  • The site currently averages 70ish views per day. During the fringe I would expect that to go up .

If you are interested?

Email me using the form below so as it doesn’t get mixed in with my day-to-day stuff.

We’ll take it from there.

10 thoughts on “Are you planning on doing a show?

  1. We are a group of 13 young professionals in the MT industry, and we have just confirmed our two week run from the 8th-20th August at the Edinburgh fringe. We will be showing HITLER! THE MUSICAL at Gryphon Venues on Bread Street. Would you be interested in a blog from us? Or Hitler?

  2. I’m taking two shows this year – one dark sketch/character comedy show called “Casual Violence: Choose Death”, and one Free Fringe comedy rap duo, Sanity Valve. Would be interested in blogging about either or both. Sound good?

  3. a first timer taking a show called “the quest for human happiness” to edinburgh the show is a response to the pain, suffering, terror and horror that have developed throughout the world, a world based on fear. basically it is healing through love light and laughter i am an arcturian lightbeing from the fifth dimension and im here to help raise the vibrational level of this planet to assist our ascension to the higher realms

  4. I’m a first timer already keeping a blog documenting our ed fringe journey which takes us on a few preview venues along the way. It’s all about to kick off from Friday in terms of content.

  5. We are a cast of 11 students from the University of Birmingham, performing Peter Weiss’ ‘The Investigation’ at Zoo Southside from the 5th-29th. Its our first Edinburgh for the producer (myself) and the director, as well as most of the cast. So we will be able to give an honest insight, some of the cast have performed at Edinburgh so thatn could work for a good contrast. Would this work?

  6. Hi Ian.

    I’ma full time corporate mind reading act.

    It’s been my full time job for 6 years but I’ve always put off taking a show to the fringe as it’s such a huge expense, unlikely to turn a profit & stops me taking well paid corporate work.
    This year however I’ve bit the bullet and I’m doing 4th – 13th Aug at The Three Sisters as part of the Free Fringe.

    And, even though I’ve performed on TV to a live audience of 9.5 million twice, sold out two week runs in London theatres and perform a one hour show to live audiences of 300 -1,000 at least once a week, every week – IT’S THE MOST DAUNTING THING I’VE EVER DONE!!

    Would you like a blog from me? What do I need to do?

  7. Hi Ian, sorry I am a month or so late… I have just finished my degree at Goldsmiths here in London and am taking a character based comedy show to the Fringe this year, called The Choob… I will be writing it myself and will be doing it all on my lonesome (with the help of a director).
    Here is my blurb:
    “Ever wonder who that is sitting opposite you on public transport? Get ready to find out, as you are taken on a journey into the depths of the London Underground system, on the way to a location you vaguely know…
    London Underground follows a bizarre code of unspoken rules: You must not speak. You must not look anyone in the eye. You must not smile or laugh. You must not communicate with others.
    Prepare for all of those rules to be trampled on, spat at, ripped up into teeny weenie pieces and burned, as one man introduces you to the funny, strange and often darkly unnerving characters which occupy the London transport system. You’ll wish you had bought a car instead.”

    Let me know if you would like me to blog!

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