Robert Inston – The Queen’s Speech (Blog….begins).

Robert Inston is Regina

Hello everybody and beyond, I’m not even sure at this stage if my show is to be called the above as I’m working on rejigging classic and lesser known popular songs to punctuate the dialogue making it more of a cabaret review style. Yes I can hold a tune and now that I’m aiming at a lot more comedy I don’t want to restrict myself to one genre. “She’s a killer Queen….got fine agility….dynamite to the Spanish fleet.English rock meets Evita and Edith Piaf! I played a lot of these ideas out on my recent “conquest” of Beijing (needs a whole blog to itself!) where I sang to an uncomprehending crowd who just wanted to take a picture with me! Still waiting for the photos! See picture of me and my fool who also… doubled as a lady’s maid!. Other picture is a show I did recently at the Queen’s Head Denman st. More to follow….


Robert and His Fool

Robert Inston is Regina

More photos of Robert in Costume taken on the Royal Mile in 2010 appear somewhere in the Fringe Photos gallery

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