Gill Smith – Top Tip Number 1

Gill Smith

There are always a million little things to do when you plan a solo show, and I’m sure I’ll go into plenty of them at great length here over the coming months, but one of the first brings a smile to my face regularly from then onwards. I’d recommend it.

After checking the title of my show, in speechmarks, on Google ie “OCD: The Singing Obsessive” and other close variants on that, to be sure that the title works and hasn’t been done by a another act, I then set up a Google Alert on the subject. This is brilliant for two reasons.

Firstly, they’re almost as quick as Ian (who runs this blog-area / site / whatever you call it,*)at letting you know when something you’ve sent somewhere for publicity has gone up, so you can tell that your efforts have been worth it, and things are out there.

Secondly, if someone mentions your show, and you didn’t already know about it, you do soon, without having to actually do the embarrassing google-my-own-name thing**. It’s like letting your best mate do that for you, without the shame that they see the hideous review before you’ve come to terms with it.

So the morning of the first blog post here, it told me my blog was up (Ian already had, but nice back-up). It also told me about a certain website mentioning the show, which being, I did already know. Finally, it told me that the Brighton Fringe site mentioned “OCD: The Singing Obsessive.” Which I also knew because I’d used it for links, but it’s still nice to know that’s out there, hopefully already working hard towards three days of packed audiences at Laughing Horse @ The Quadrant. I can’t remember exactly how many a packed audience is, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet, so anyone wishing to add details of the shows there to any websites (or other media) that they run, or to interview me, or whatever else, I’d be happy to help. And even if you do it without chatting to me, what’s great is that I’m sure I’ll get to hear about it once the information’s up!

Try Google Alerts and set up a few of your own. It’ll make you feel like you can afford a lovely little PR team running around finding all your cuttings!

Editor’s note

* I call it the “catalogue of intrigue”

.** technical term is an “ego search”.

*** Probably won’t bother emailing Gill to tell her it’s up.

OCD: The Singing Obsessive Laughing Horse @ The Three Sisters 6:05pm(1 hr) 5th-28thAugust (not Tuesdays).Also on at Laughing Horse @ the Quadrant, Brighton 3:45 (1hr) 28th, 29th, 30th May.

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