Robert Inston – Negotiating

Robert Inston

The Queen greets you again from her secret location in East London….no not the Tower she will never go there again after being incarcerated there in her youth! You….or at least the best and most cultured of you ,are familiar with Reginas progresses, “tours” in the modern parlance m,to tell her epic story. Of course there can never be enough of this story, but her latest venture will be a  little different.

On the 10th of April the Queen will be making an appearance in a secret location….to be confirmed very soon. After this her “residency” at this location will be announced with appearances throughout the Summer preparing her for her triumph in the land of her greatest enemy.and rival…..Mary Queen  of Scots.

There are also rumours afoot that this Queen may be forging her own tour to undermine all that is English and true. Count the minutes….nay the hours before the full nature of this controversy is revealed!

Robert Inston enquiry to Regina the most illustrious one…..

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