John Fleming’s Answers to 9 Fringe Questions

At the beginning of the year I fully intended to do an interview with John Fleming and then I never got round to it.

This week a blog post appeared on his site “So it Goes” of 9 Helpful Answers to fringe first timers questions.

It’s pretty good advice from someone who has a lot of experience if you don’t know who John His here is a rough bio copied from his site.

John is a consultant for two off-Broadway theaters in New York, sponsors three annual Malcolm Hardee Awards for comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe and financed cross-dressing cage-fighter Alex Reid’s controversial British feature film debut, Killer Bitch.

He’s also staged three shows at the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2010: Helen Keen‘s It Is Rocket Science! V2 (at the Gilded Balloon), Keen & Khan: Starstruck! (at the Voodoo Rooms) and Free Until Famous with Lewis Schaffer (at The Counting House).

John co-wrote Malcolm Hardee‘s autobiography I Stole Freddie Mercury’s Birthday Cake, edited Scots comedian Janey Godley‘s best-selling autobiography Handstands in the Dark and edited Sit-Down Comedy*, an anthology written by 19 stand-ups.

*I love this book a copy of it has sat on my bed side table for about 6 years. Occasionally I re-read some of the stories.


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