Tony Law – Interview

Tony Law

Tony Law has been in loads of thing and mostly awesome in all of them. Broadcast shows he’s been in include Edinburgh and Beyond (Paramount Comedy), Loose Ends (Radio 4), 28 Acts In 28 Minutes (BBC Three), The Stand-Up Show (BBC One), Popcorn (Sky Movies) and Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle (BBC Two).

Why do you go to the fringe and do comedy festival shows?


To save me from doing a lot of swearing at google, what is your history of Edinburgh shows?


Do you choose themed shows or just a straight hour of stand up?

Neither.  Organic bionics

How do you choose a theme?

It chooses me

How do you assemble a show?

I don’t know how

Best piece of advice anyone gave you about the fringe?

Don’t take any advice.  It’s not got strict rules

What do you think the most common mistake acts make at the fringe?

I couldn’t say whAt a mistake is or I’d be a dick

Most effective way of selling a show?

Don’t listen to people like me

What’s your favourite memory of the fringe?

My wife dressed as a Viking dancing with our dog in my show.

Least favourite memory of the fringe?

Any heckle or opinion from some artless moron who should be at a top gear recording. I Speke moron wrong problee

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