Robert Inston – Foul Humour

Robert Inston

I was intrigued by Ian’s recent post on Chortle that didn’t have any blogs yet that are crazy or mad enough. Suppose that is what the Fringe…..or maybe the Free Fringe is all about….experimentation. Not sure how much of this really goes on in the comedy clubs..very formulaic etc etc etc. The Queen has absorbed a lot of comedy and almost become a part of it. But difference and adhesiveness is not always appreciated. That is why the Queen has a love for mavericks like Scott Capuro….he’s totally unpredictable and a man walked out on the show I saw recently. If you’re on the front row….you expect the blows that may be delivered.

You’ll see the Regina has abandoned….or her representative on this earth has abandoned her lofty distance… she annoyed angry or just attention seeking? Just like Oscar Wilde….i need to put something  sensational in my own journal….sorry “blog”.

Love you al horses and mutants of misery and mirth!

Epsquiry of Regina….well in body but sick in mind!

The Queen is homeless….any offer considered.

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