Mick Ferry – Interview

Mick Ferry (photo by Ian Fox)

Mick Ferry has appeared on”Michael Macintyre’s Comedy Roadshow” as well “The Comedy Store” on the Paramount Channel. In 2009 he made his film debut in the Ken Loach film “Looking For Eric”. He’s also a keen Jamie Oliver enthusiast.

Why do you go to the fringe and do comedy festival shows?

I have a masochistic attitude towards money.

To save me from doing a lot of swearing at google, what is your history of Edinburgh shows?

A package show and a couple of solo shows and a lot of quiet sobbing.

Do you choose themed shows or just a straight hour of stand up?

A mixture, I call it Themedy.

How do you choose a theme?

Usually during an evening of drinking, I will come up with about ten brilliant ideas and one shit idea. In the morning I only remember the shit idea.

How do you assemble a show?

With pipe dreams and masking tape.

Best piece of advice anyone gave you about the fringe?

Don’t read your press. Still not managed to take it.

What do you think the most common mistake acts make at the fringe?

Thinking the Penny Black is a good idea at 6am.

Most effective way of selling a show?

Be famous and talk about badgers.

What’s your favourite memory of the fringe?

When some kids thought a pissed up guy asleep was one of those statue performers.

Least favourite memory of the fringe?

How it changes people. Most people are great up there but you always get a few that turn into absolute cocks.

You can follow Mick on Twitter and find him on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Mick Ferry – Interview

  1. What Mick doesn’t say is he was the bloke asleep. Made more money that night than either of us in the entire run.

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