Donnie Rust – The Naked Busker


The Naked Busker

It’s annoying. My show for Edinburgh Fringe Festival is going to be based on a two month challenge that’s taking me to every county in England Scotland and Wales, over June and July, where I’m hitch-hiking most of the way. I’m fairly certain after the festival if everything goes according to plan it’ll be a fantastic story to tell and set me right up for the dizzying success I want.

But Jeez Louise there is a lot of planning involved before hand.
Before it even comes to writing the show for the Edinburgh Fringe I’ve got to organize and plan this tour which I’m funding myself, producing and promoting myself. while still working full-time and balancing regular gigs before hand.

Promotion is a big thing as well seems that especially for this sort of project that the more people who know about it the better so I’ve headed out into the cities and nightclubs as The Naked Busker, getting pictures and posting them on Facebook. This works wonders for the notoriety but I was invited to a “house party” sort of thing with me and thirty women on Friday last week and was promptly set upon by a girl named Donna who I knew as a Paul three years before… that was a surprise.


Donnie Rust – The Naked Busker is on at The City Café 6.45pm Aug 20-28

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