Mike Belgrave – I came over all Liza Minnelli

Mike Belgrave

Well here I am again, about to embark on my 5th Edinburgh Fringe and I will be doing my 9th, 10th and 11th show this year. Why do I do it? Because it’s fun and I always get something out of it. Sometimes new material, sometimes a quote, but mostly irreparable damage to my liver. It certainly isn’t for he reviews. 6 reviews for 8 shows. And only two from Three Weeks who try to see everything. Yeah right.

So this year I’m going up with three shows. All Free Festival. I’d like to get on my soapbox
and say it’s the thing to do and stuff it to the money grabbing promoters yada yada, but in
reality it’s a lack of cash, not having rich parents and my inherent nature to not spend too
much money on what’s good for me and waste a fortune on rich food and alcohol, which is
bad for me.

My three shows are Huggers, a family friendly afternoon comedy/cabaret show with Nik
Coppin, MCing a Laughing Horse compilation show and I’m doing my third solo show Down
and Out Comedy with Mike Belgrave, basically a straight forward stand up show. As far a
writing goes I pretty much have the solo show written and other two just need me to turn up and be my usual sexy charming self.

So far I’ve got some photos done for the solo show, booked the venues and have written the blurb for Down and Out and Huggers. I’ve also found a flat without batting an eyelid. It’s through friends of a friend’s friend. I still need to get my posters and flyer designed, but I enjoy doing that and will probably have them done by the end of May.

I am also really proud of the fringe entry blurbs. I knocked them up in about 5 minutes and was so pleased with them I emailed them off to various people and they all emailed me back and said, “Perfect. No need to change a thing.”. So the blurbs were either indeed “perfect” or my fellow performers were more bothered with their own and were just getting rid of me as quickly as possible.

So as everything was going great, something possibly had to go wrong. And thank god the
fringe box office was there to come to the rescue.

As you can see, I’m normally quite on the ball when it comes to having my Edinburgh
experience sorted, but some reason March 30th loomed up on me like your bad breath auntie coming in for a kiss. But the great thing about the online registration is, you can put any old rubbish and pay for it, then you have till nearly the end of April to tweak it. I was going to put Mike Belgrave Shits on a Phone Directory then change it later but was afraid that a glitch would keep it like that was and it would end up in the brochure and website complete with authentic photo I’d taken specially for the occasion.

So I tried to put my details onto the website and there was a glitch in the matrix. It got stuck on a loop. Now I’m quite techy and after a few minutes I started to panic. There was only two days to go and I was doing this very late at night, so just over a day really. So I thought I’d try to get some back up on chortle and facebook by posting frantic wall posts like all of civilization was about to devoured by zombies.

I can’t log on to the fringe website. HEEELPPPP!!! Anyone else having the same problem.
Can anyone help???????

One of my pet hates about asking questions on forums and the Internet in general is wading through pointless page after page of replies stating, “yes, I’m having that same problem too.” However I could clearly see that when you’re in dire straits, you have a tendency to need reassuring. And reassured I was as person after person came back with, “Yes, I’m having that same problem.” I was relived, I thought I’d lose my techo-nerd badge for not being able to fill in an online form.

I checked the next morning and it was all working fine and it took about five minutes to
upload both shows. I must be turning into a right prima donna. I came over all Liza Minnelli recounting that story. It was just a little glitch. Bigger and uglier ones to come.

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