Donnie Rust – Disturbingly Understanding Girlfriend

The Naked Busker

Well… just realized while everything else may be paid for as far as Edinburgh Fringe, I haven’t yet sorted my accommodation so once the panic had died down I got online and have spread the word thoroughly. Couches, sofas, gardens even sheds – I’ll take anything at this stage. Lol.

On a lighter note, I’ve started offering The Naked Busker as entertainment to parties, birthday parties, hen parties, piss ups and nightclubs gigs – getting pictures taken with normal civilians who will then spread the good word throughout the internet… that’s the plan at least.

Also it’s a good way to raise funds for my Tour.

Oh yes, The Tour… so much time seems to be spent preparing for these things that it’s easy to forget about sitting down and having a think about what’s being said.

Fortunately for me I have a number of friends who don’t mind spending time getting drunk with pizza to come up with some decent material and an exceptionally and disturbingly understanding girlfriend to pick me up and haul myself out of whichever ditch I’ve fallen into.

Incidentally, you should never take a laxative with alcohol…

Donnie Rust – The Naked Busker is on at The City Café 6.45pm Aug 20-28

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