Britain’s Most Offensive Comedian

As the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton approaches one man aims to make the entire nation sing. Unfortunately for some that man is Kunt and the Gang and the song he wants to get everyone to sing is called F*cksticks. Internet users and by that term I mean teenagers who like filthy have already watched some of this videos close to a million times. Guardian TV critic and Presenter Charlie Brooker has described him as a one man filth machine and he’s not far wrong. At Christmas Kunt – real name not available – managed to get himself in the UK chart at number 66 with his song “Use My Arse*le as C*nt which was banned from I-tunes the week after it stopped selling in a reasonable volume.
This week the week of the Royal wedding he’s aiming to do it again. In a normal UK chart week what was only good enough for 66 at Christmas would have actually got him to number one.

This is the Ska version and is not safe for work.

Seven versions from Amazon including the reworked “F*cksticks…..Queen Mothers C*nt” which would make the ideal number one for a Royal wedding.

You can buy the songs from Amazon here


I-tunes just search for Kunt

Downloads are eligible for the charts up until the 23rd April 2011.

Spare 79P to hijack some of the royal wedding bollocks and to upset the Daily Mail.

You can read a full interview with Kunt here.

UPDATE 26th April 2011

“F*cksticks” charted at Number 8 in the Amazon Download chart, Number 10 in the BBC Indie Chart but only Number 63 in the official charts.

UPDATE 28th April 2011

Over a million hits for his videos and YouTube  banned his account today.

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