Donnie Rust – Bruno Mars

Donnie Rust

Just had Easter Sunday, the family came over my sisters, my brother-in-law Garth. Garth is the typical old school South African man, broad shoulders, big arms, round face with a beer belly that took most of his adult life to cultivate and grow, also he’s competitive. So after the kids had their an easter egg hunt and I cooked some meat (rare steak, Reggae Reggae Sauce) he and I spent about half an hour throwing an axe at a tree – we actually managed to hit it a couple of times too.

Also, after having to retrieve the axe from the neighbours fence, I accidentally managed to pull my pants down and sit on some stinging nettles (we’d had a bit to drink by this stage) and Pops, my dad, in his wisdom told me to use some Dock leaf which always grows nearby. Do you know what else grows nearby stinging nettles – more stinging nettles. So I ended up spending twenty minutes remedying my injury with more alcohol.

Last night I had a hen party to do as the Naked Busker – started in a good suit with a wonderful white cotton Maccy shirt and a black tie at Roccos one of the premier clubs in Norwich. Met up with an old girlfriend who the first – and last time we met , about four years ago, broke the drivers chair in my car so that it was no longer actually attached to the car and yet i drove with it for a year onwards. The hen party went well, at first they were worried about my nudity offending the hen but she was baying for me to get naked after the first song – Bruno Mars, Just the Way You Are (with a small variation), followed by If My Nose Nose Was Running Money and then Knock on the Door which is one of my own.

After that the manager of Roccos offered us a private section of another one of their clubs to have some fun, so we went to Pulse. The girls at the hen party were ravishing, absolutely stunning and it was an effort to keep myself… professional while standing around in my undies (the transition from suit to undies had the difficulty of socks, truly an evil necessity they are as no man can look sexy with socks on… and there is no sexy way to get them off). The night was a tremendous success and yet another step in the right direction of me raising funds for my Edinburgh show and for my tour.

The organizing of the tour is getting well underway. Some entries into the forums are all that seem to be needed. I’m on ChortleBritish Comedy GuideMidlands Comedy Forum and The Scottish Comedy Forum. The response to it has been very positive with people getting in touch to chat and suggest and to offer help. The entire mission and project has been made much easier by them and I would suggest and insist that anyone doing anything similar should take the time to visit them.

Just can’t wait to get started on it now, but still so much to go through, so much to prepare – but I am feeling more positive than ever.

Donnie Rust – The Naked Busker is on at The City Café 6.45pm Aug 20-28

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