Eric Mutch: Schizophrene

Hello and welcome, fellow fools and travellers. The journey to Edinburgh 2011 is well and truly under way and I’ll tell you what, it may be fun, but it certainly ain’t cheap, even when it’s free.

I got myself into a bit of a tizzy the last few weeks, wondering where I was going to get all the money from

£300 for the edfringe programme, £150 for flyers, £125 for an advert in the Free Festival programme, to say nothing of actually living there for the month

I’m also taking my girlfriend and 6 month old baby daughter with me this year, so that’s added expense, and less flat share options, I mean I know she sleeps through the night, but potential flat sharers probably think I’m lying. Especially if they have kids of their own, judging by the gleeful way most parents greeted my excitement when I first found out Luci was on her way. “welcome to the club”, “you’ll never sleep again”, “now your life is over” etc etc made me wonder why these people ever had kids in the first place.

Anyway, like the fool that I am I’ve booked us into a campsite, yep, a campsite, with a 6 month old, lets hope its warm, in Edinburgh, in Scotland, by the north sea. Don’t think I’ll tell the girlfriend just yet (!)

Looked into funding options, like the arts council, but it would take me till august to wade through their application form.

Then decided to buy loads of free booze to flog, using Tescos “double the difference” campaign, but they’ve sussed me out and dropped the campaign. Actually that’s probably more to do with people sussing them out, as being more expensive than they try to let on!!

So am going with a 2 minute video on and running a “singles night” instead.

That’s all for now folks

Eric Mutch: Schizophrene will be performing at Laughing Horse @ Espionage – Mata Hari (venue 185)  4-28th August 12 Noon (1hr)

6 thoughts on “Eric Mutch: Schizophrene

  1. The Free Fringe Programme does not take adverts from shows. Whatever you have advertised in, it’s not the Free Fringe Programme. You are not performing at the Free Fringe.

  2. Think I’ll come along to your show, if only to see the bags under your eyes!

    Regarding funding, depending on if you’re able, several acts I saw last year sold a DVD or CD of their earlier work on the door as people left, suggesting they purchase it as a memento and donationon one… might be an idea? They certainly made a lot more than they probably would have done without them at the shows I went to.

    How about trying to get some freelance work from one of the broadsheets along the lines of ‘a family at the fringe’ – something like the Guardian’s lifestyle-y sections would probably have an orgasm over an article/s like that. A short diary series or something? You could use these blogs as tester material?

    The very best of luck with your show mate.


    (And isn’t PBH such a fluffy, grumpy bunny?)

    • I would like to do an interview piece with PBH in a similar format to the Brett Vincent and Mick Perrin interviews. I think the history and evolution of the free shows is interesting and the motivations behind it.

      Hopefully Peter will agree to this at some point.

  3. would be great to write a “family at the fringe” blog in the guardian, and to be honest I reckon there will be lots of “family at the fringe” dramas played out in my show, thats the advantage of being unscripted, and having the family at the fringe wil probably add the random and unpredctable…………….especially with an 8 month old on her first camping holiday 😉

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