Eric Mutch: Schizophrene Nightmares

This week my “mask” has been mainly “Depressed and Anxious”

Trying to use Photoshop, to design my own flyers, when there’s only about a month to the printing deadline, is not a good idea for someone who has never used Photoshop before, and is practically computer illiterate. Oh what a fool I am (!)

It’s a decision based on money, or rather, a lack of it. What I would give for a fairy godmother.

Designed a nice enough looking one, but have no idea if its big enough to look ok on an A3 poster, can’t get my head around “image size” “canvas size” “pixel dimensions” and what on earth “bleed” is and how to do it. aaaaaaaargh, it’s a bloody nightmare.

Actually had a review describe my show as an “absurdist nightmare” last year, why oh why am I going again (!!!!!)

Even more nightmarish, Yesterday I finally started my “rehearsal process”. Obviously I don’t have a script to rehearse, but I need to rehearse “being spontaneous”….desperately as it happens (!)

Part of the “rehearsal process” involves watching shows I did at last years festival. The one I watched today was cringe worthy, oh my god, I was awful (!) Showing me I have a lot of work to do, in the next 6 weeks, before I preview at Exeter Fringe Festival at the end of June.

Still haven’t completed my “wefund” video, or made a start on organising the “singles night”, so I had better come up with a great show this year, because the funding is going to have to come from the hat this year by the looks of it.

The journey continues……………

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