Mike Belgrave – No preview? No problem

Mike Belgrave

Ah yes, it’s the dreaded Edinburgh preview season. It’s tough isn’t it? Well boys and girls it
really doesn’t have to be. Since I’ve started doing the fringe many things have changed over
the years and one of them has been the ever decreasing opportunities to do a preview. In
2006 I did fifteen. In 2010, I did two. There might be many reasons for this but the main fact
is there are many more people doing the fringe each year and the number of previews hasn’t
risen. In fact I’d take a punt and say there’s less than there used to be.

When previews are offered, they’re snapped up by the more successful acts out there and
who can blame the promoter? Why make an audience endure Billy Open Spot’s ill advised
début hour about the funny side of rape, when they can get “that bloke off the telly” on a door
split? Their show will be undoubtedly better and they’re more likely to get bums on seats.

So how do we get around this Uncle Mike? Well I’ll tell you. First of all, organise your own
Edinburgh previews. Find a venue that already has comedy and ask the promoter if you
can use the space on another day. Offer them a split of the door or better still offer them a
preview if they’re also doing Edinburgh.

I did this with a group of comics in 2007 and managed to do a preview a week for four weeks. We encouraged everyone sharing the other hour to help us with flyering and general mucking in. It wasn’t compulsory, but the other acts were willing to help for the sake of playing to a decent sized crowd. Some of the bigger acts were willing to use their email list to draw crowds in.

I discovered another way of doing a preview purely by accident. When I was doing Belgrave and Manera’s Music Club I filmed every show because I was proud of it and wanted to keep it for prosperity. Mike Manera and I were writing a new show every month to build up material for the fringe. As it loomed closer, I edited together pieces of the footage that would make up our Edinburgh show. I watched the footage with Manera and then we talked about putting the show in a different order, wrote linking sections, scrapped bits and added bits.

When we did our next Music Club, we wrote a show that had the rewrites and linking sections. I filmed it again and then re edited the original DVD. This was better than trying to do the show to 8 Spanish tourists keeping out of the rain. By the time we did our first Edinburgh preview we had it word-perfect and knew the order of the show. And most importantly, we knew how long it was.

So do as many gigs as you can and do short sections from your hour. Treat the shows you
do with respect and don’t go on with your face down in a piece of paper explaining that you’re trying stuff out for an Edinburgh show. The chances are you’ll be doing this at new act nights. New act promoters have feelings too and try their best to run a good gig, don’t piss on their baby.

Don’t know how to edit video? It’s easy. Just use the simple software that comes with the
computer you’re using right now. Ignore the egg heads that pontificate about how you have
to use Final Cut Pro or Vegas and need an Apple notebook with a nuclear core to edit film.
It’s just for you to watch. Buy a cheap digital camera that records at a low resolution or use
the one on your phone. This way it doesn’t take up too much room on your computer and
it’s quicker to edit. Failing that record it as an audio track and cut it together with a free
sound editing program. One of the best out there is called audacity. Do it. You haven’t got a
preview so what else are you doing with your time?

And Sod’s Law if you don’t got to all that trouble and get seven previews offered to you all at once. But you know what? You’ll be well prepared.

I’ll see you on the circuit with my camera.

Mike Belgrave will be performing Down and Out comedy with Mike Belgrave 4pm, 4th to 28th August. Espionage

Mike also has a blog site here.

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