Gill Smith – Obsessively Positive

Gill Smith

As Brighton rapidly approaches (the less obsessively positive about life might say “looms”) the show is really coming together, but I have to ask, why does it always only come together after total panic has set in, accompanied by massive stress and a passing phase of manic depression, complete with the highs, in which I am discovered, and everyone who ever didn’t bother to give me a gig kicks themselves and what-the-heck-am-I-doing lows?

But that’s all over now, and the show itself is all working. It’ll work better with a few tweaks, as ever at this stage, but there’s plenty of time for those. What’s 8 days between friends?!

Audience bookings are mildly disappointing so far, so consider this a reminder that if you’ve any chance of being in the Brighton area over the bank hol weekend, do come and see OCD: The Singing Obsessive at Laughing Horse @ The Quadrant on Sat 28th, Sun 29th or Mon 30th May, at 3:45. I don’t care if it’s beach weather. I’ll be better for your skin to take a break and head inside for an hour or so. Trust me, I’m a pasty-faced sassenach. (And yes, I do realise that’s a word better understood by the Scots in August than the English in May, but the Scots don’t need telling about the benefits of a roof over their heads!)

So, as I say, some tweaks still needed, and tonight I experiment with interesting forms of song related percussion, and my other half (AKA the chief techie) is yet to discover that he has more to do on playing with the sound track. And in many ways, I’m still on the wild mood-swings. It’s not long now… aaaaargh! Or do I mean woo-hoo!

OCD: The Singing Obsessive Laughing Horse @ The Three Sisters 6:05pm(1 hr) 5th-28thAugust (not Tuesdays).Also on at Laughing Horse @ the Quadrant, Brighton 3:45 (1hr) 28th, 29th, 30th May.

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