Eric Mutch: Stalking

Busy busy busy, but feeling better and more upbeat……

Feel like a bit of a stalker though, after getting the latest edfringe bulletin about marketing techniques.

Have decided my main plan of attack is to follow as many journalists as possible on twitter, in the faint hope of striking up some contacts, or at least finding out a bit about them, so as to woo them with the press release I’m writing. Not that I’ve written it yet, due to spending all day stalking the aforementioned journo’s as well as….well actually I don’t know what else I’ve done today, all I do know is that I’ve spent all day doing it.

I’ve also been trawling the internet looking for anything Phil Kay related, seeing as he’s the nearest thing to the style of show that I do.

I’ve always found it difficult to answer the “so what exactly is a ‘fools show’?” question, but recently I started saying “have you ever seen phil kay?…..well its a bit like that”. So it makes sense to find the people who like his shows, whether as audience or reviewers or both, and let them know about mine……..but it feels so so so much like stalking (!!!!)

Can’t find the man himself on twitter though, don’t suppose anyone knows if he’s tweeting under an alias do they?

It’s been suggested that I contact The Guardian and ask to write a blog called “family at the fringe”, seeing as I’m camping with an 8 month old, and I may well do, but I’m pretty sure there will be quite a few “family at the fringe” stories spontaneously erupting during the show anyway…….

Still waiting on my nephew completing my flyer design, nice lad, but keeps dropping off the radar for weeks at a time……not good with deadlines approaching (!) He’s come up with a great design though

Decided against the “Wefund” thing and still done nothing about arranging the “singles night”, so might sell some “what’s been the best part of your day?” badges instead

Onwards and upwards……………………..

Eric Mutch: Schizophrene will be performing at Laughing Horse @ Espionage – Mata Hari (venue 185)  4-28th August 12 Noon (1hr)

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