Eric Mutch – Please Release Me

Press release time is fast approaching and I’ve had some long sleepless nights…..nothing to do with writing the press release, everything to do with the piercing and grating scream my 7 month old daughter has just developed !!!!!! I now know what the most annoying noise in the world is…………and what some of the gloating comments were about when I was first telling people of our ‘good news’ (!)

Anyway the initial draft of my press release was too long and too boring, so I’ve settled for this much shorter version (!)

My nephew came up with the goods too, what a crackin’ flyer.

Feel free to comment below dear reader (!)

Eric Mutch: Schizophrene will be performing at Laughing Horse @ Espionage – Mata Hari (venue 185)  4-28th August 12 Noon (1hr)

2 thoughts on “Eric Mutch – Please Release Me

  1. looking forward to seeing you in exeter – you camping nearby too? there’s a great spot by the bins behind the tesco metro if you haven’t booked anywhere yet… cheers! stuart

  2. LOL nope got meself booked into a hostel, but depending on the fellow hostellers and the state of my bank balance, I may take up the Tesco idea 😉

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