Eric Mutch: Little Voice

OMG!!!! I caught a cold last week, or rather my girlfriend did, followed by the baby and now me, meaning not only have there been a few long sleepless nights listening to something resembling John Prescott trapped in a jellyfish machine, but I now only have a ‘little’ voice quite literally and it’s getting smaller by the minute and its only 2 days til my opening show at the Exeter fringe festival on Sunday.

Am I worried. Well on the one hand, yes, on the other hand no, and then again maybe…….

It’s all usable for the show, I have a radio Mic and if all else fails I might have to literally do it the Alan Carr way, “through expressive dance”.

All other prep is going well, had a few iffy practice sessions last week, but that’s the nature of this beast, and the last one I did felt really good, so feeling great right now……..apart from the cold! Thank you Luci Mutch!!!!!!!

I’d like to end on a question to the comedians who script their shows. How much time do you spend writing material each day? Where as on the one hand, from a foolosiphical perspective I spend all day writing, because after all, ‘life is only a melodrama’, I also actually spend at least one hour a day ‘practicing’ a show and am interested to know if even this pales into insignificance compared to the time unscripted comedians put in…….

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