Gill Smith – Should Be Writing

Gill Smith

The press release is with the Fringe Office, and the poster artwork has been sent off to Tenfold for printing. Now what? And don’t say, hone and perfect the show. I know that. It’s just not last-minute enough for me to be panicking yet. Remind me nearer the time.

Now this is the time when I should be writing detailed e-mails to each and every publication that I could justify a connection to, but I find coming up with those tenuous reasons surprisingly hard. Three Weeks? Hey, I’m doing a show for about that long! The Scotsman? I had a Scottish granny. The Times? I’ve got a watch, so I always know the time! Yeah. Not sure that’s working for me.

Well, if I’m stalling on that for the minute, what am I doing? All my course homework that I was meant to work like crazy on from April onwards, that sort of got lost in Brighton / Edinburgh prep. So if I don’t blog for 3 weeks (hey, I’m doing a show for about that long!) apologies in advance. And if I do, tell me to get back to work!

OCD: The Singing Obsessive Laughing Horse @ The Three Sisters 6:05pm(1 hr) 5th-28thAugust (not Tuesdays).

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