Ian Fox – Artwork part 2

Earlier on in the year the tagline “Homemade Heroes Of Comedy” came into existence. In recently years there has been some thing in the news that sparked off an idea for a picnic poster. 2009 it was recession, hence the “Flirting With Bankruptcy” tagline. Last year we used mug shot style photos on the poster with the tagline “Avoiding Serious Jail Time since 2003”. The idea originated from the front page of the Times,  it had a prison shot of a woman who had been sentenced for the mercy killing her son, it seems weird admitting that’s where the idea came from but it’s the truth.

This year the story of stockbrokers and other city types who work in an office by day then go out at night looking for muggers caught my attention. I think I’s also been watching a few repeats of the C4 series “Heroes of Comedy”.

The idea emerged to have both Ashley Frieze and I dressed as homemade heroes. That was Ashley’s homework from March onwards to make himself a crime fighting costume that he could be photographed in. This is where Ashley and I differ in out approaches to stuff. He went for stuff that he thought looked the part, he bought himself a sauna suit in America – models often use them the night before a photo shoot to try to lose some weight by sweating profusely. I went to JJB.

Sweating profusely is something Ashley is quite good at as last years admission to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary confirmed. The silly sod had become massively dehydrated in his first three days at the fringe and discovered that the symptoms of severe dehydration match those of both a suspected heart attack and stroke – numbness down one side and feeling pretty ill.  He ended up excusing himself from compering a gig with the lame excuse of “I’m sorry I’m going to have to go I think I’m having a heart ache”. Later it turned out he was actually fine he just needed quite a few glasses of  water and a sit down. The rest of his costume was put together with foil, a disposable serving plate and duct tape.

I on the other hand figured if you want to fight crime in your spare time and you don’t have Bruce Wayne’s budget that the cricket, boxing and football sections are where you’d go. Oh and the ladies department at M&S for some leggings.

Personally I reckon my outfit would fare better in brawl with some muggers  than Ashley’s. Anyway this is what I learnt during the shoot.

    1. You have to loosen the straps on a boxing helmet otherwise you can’t pull any facial expressions what so ever.
    2. It’s not very easy trying to run up stairs whilst wearing a cricket cup down the front of your pants. So crimefighters you need to find another way to protect yourself from a swift kick to the nads.
    3. I apparently take a size 16 in ladies leggings and found them surprisingly comfortable.
    4. Sauna suits really do make you sweat. Twenty minutes of shooting under hot lights and he was done for.
    5. As good as my camera is it’s not easy to operate when wearing cricket gloves.

One thought on “Ian Fox – Artwork part 2

  1. I blame the anti-biotics for the pseudo-heart-attack.

    As costumes for photoshoots go, this has been my favourite. It really helps having a partner who is quite handy with handicrafts and knows her way around a roll of gaffa tape. You’d be amazed as the science of sticking gaffa tape to tin-foil.

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