Eric Mutch: Schizophrene campsite report

How does that song go? “Oh listen to the pouring rain telling me just what a fool I’ve been”…….

Day 1 at the fringe has been an absolute shocker, oh my god where to start?

How about the guard not letting me back on the train at Edinburgh to get the rest of my luggage, including the pram chassis and wheels and my ukulele, because the train was heaving and “had to leave on time”, the police officer threatening to arrest me for my swearing outburst at said guard, cross country trains for saying “lost luggage” wasn’t their responsibility?!!@#?@!

The next day we did get the pram wheels back and my ukulele, but then my girlfriend lost her phone, then the bus company found it, then we waited at the wrong stop to meet the driver to pick it up again, so still haven’t got her phone, meaning when we got separated yesterday ?@#%!!? With her “carrying a 9 month old baby” because thanks to cross country trains we didn’t have a freakin pram?&$!?*! It took us 4 hours and no little luck to find each other again, cos my phone battery had died as well.

To cap it all off, it rained all night, but didn’t drown the mosquitos, it’s getting heavier by the minute and the tent leaks…….what’s not to like 😉

“Life is after all, only a melodrama, not to be taken too seriously”

Roll on the first show, cos I am fool of dramas.

Eric Mutch: Schizophrene will be performing at Laughing Horse @ Espionage – Mata Hari (venue 185)  4-28th August 12 Noon (1hr)

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