Him and Me TV – The Two Faces of the Fringe

So today is Saturday and we’ve just done show number 2.

Show number one was a small success, around 15 people in and an ok reaction but there was just an energy lacking that we usually like whilst on stage. We had to work really hard for that one. There were a few bits that went a bit awry but nothing major, the show is pretty much set in stone and we know it.

But there wasn’t much opportunity for audience interaction or response etc.

Today’s show was totally different, it went brilliantly. We really got the room going and some of the laughs were big, it’s always great when you have to wait a bit longer than normal to have to say the next line due to the laughter carrying on.

I wish some of the people from yesterday’s show had been there today (such as a reviewer and a very nice lady from BBC Radio 2 who interviewed us afterwards!)

But even though I know our performance could have been better today, we really nailed it for the audience so I can’t be too critical of the show. Just really, really chuffed.

Current frame of mind – “We did it! A great show at the Fringe! Hurray!”

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