Ashley Frieze – This Is Not A Drill


I carried a watermelon?

So this is the point in the festival when it would be one week to Fringe Sunday, except it isn’t because there isn’t a Fringe Sunday, or something like that. The point is that we’re now in action stations people. This is not a drill. The Festival is underway.

I’m still writing from the vantage point of an outsider – I’m not at the Fringe yet, but I’m full aware of what we’re seeing. At this point everyone who’s in for the full run has done a few shows. The Saturday peak has happened for the first time. Some people will have been reviewed. Some tickets will have been sold and some shows will have been nearly (or actually) abandoned through lack of attendance.

The real week one will start tomorrow and it will start with a bang. How will trade be by the end of today? Will the punters be locals, or weekenders going home tonight? More importantly, how slow a start will tomorrow be. The first Monday of the Fringe can be a bit of a low, as maybe not all holiday makers have cottoned on to the whole thing.

So many questions.

However, as a show producer, the important thing at this stage is to get the mechanics of the show happening smoothly and get the performers to make the most of their time in the city. Getting guest spots will help. Getting out there and flyering for more hours, because the time in the venue seems to be getting more abundant, as the show becomes more familiar and the set-ups and tear-downs seem more choreographed.

The first week is a challenge, so now is the time to prepare the army for manoeuvres. This is not a test. It’s really happening.

Ashley Frieze – The Seven Deadly Sings (Remastered), 2:30PM, 13-28 August, Pravda Room, Espionage, Venue 185. Part of the Free Festival

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