Gill Smith – Look what I got

Well, I have now met the best audience member ever! I think she doesn’t quite beat the room full of women in Camden, many years ago, who chanted my name as I left the stage. However, as individuals go – she is all of my top ten!

Why, you ask? Well, at one point in my show I mention that liking everything symmetrically folded doesn’t mean you need therapy, just lessons in origami. Towards the end, I mention that in my bucket collection, I am especially delighted by anything that tidily folds.

So when it came to doing the collection, a lovely young lady handed me a small origami boat, with a pound coin in it. It took a moment to realise that the boat was actually made out of a five pound note! The only downside being, it’s almost too sweet to spend it! (Almost. At some point I’ll get hungry, sadly!)

Oh, and just to lower the tone, I made a rediscovery today. Between over two years of pregnancy and then breast-feeding, I had totally forgotten that berocca (or the cheap well-known-chemist’s imitation version) is just as luminous out, as in. That was a shock, albeit briefly.

Now, as someone who really likes precision, I must resist going to wake my daughter up just to, for once, accurately sing “London’s Burning…”

OCD: The Singing Obsessive Laughing Horse @ The Three Sisters 6:05pm(1 hr) 5th-28thAugust (not Tuesdays).

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