Gill Smith – I’d hope never to see those ***ts ever again

Gill Smith

Well, as ever, fitting in time for a blog is a challenge with a fringe going on, but I have a moment, as my little girl is debating colours with granny (she calls them all yellow, but doesn’t actually like yellow. Daughter, this is, not granny. Granny likes all colours and is spot-on accurate on their names.)

So, what’s been going on? A great first show. Plenty of people, seemed to go fine, despite being a damp day. Yay! Next show. Blah. A few walk-outs, and though the remaining audience were nice, the collection was anything but a get-rich-quick scheme. Don’t these people know how much it costs us to make them laugh?!

Next day, monsoon Saturday, was another day like that: good numbers, enough laughing, but the terms I’d use for their bucket collection generosity – well, I’d say “Cee you Next Tuesday” but I’d hope never to see those ***ts ever again. I’d forgotten my venue was weekend stag-and-hen Mecca, until I got there, and fighting my way to the bar meant I’d exchanged my rainyness for other people’s sweat. Yeuch!

That meant I was kind of dreading drizzly, damp yesterday, which came out physically as well as mentally – a massive headache (bordering migraine) and a dodgy stomach. I have never been closer to cancelling a show. (That I can remember, but I’m aware I probably wont remember how awful I felt yesterday once we get into week 2!) But actually, I am so glad I didn’t. A lovely crowd, laughing in all the right places, applauding after the songs, and generally being lovely, including on the bucket collection.

So all in all, the highs and the lows already. Got to get flyering. I don’t want to rely on the miraculously appearing audiences I’ve got lucky with the last two days. But there’s a rumour that “the sun will come out, tomorrow…” Ah yes, there’s always a song!

OCD: The Singing Obsessive Laughing Horse @ The Three Sisters 6:05pm(1 hr) 5th-28thAugust (not Tuesdays).

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