Manchester Comedy Festival shows wanted: Apotheca Venue Specifications.

Apotheca Bar: Venue Website

Venue Specifications

Address: 17 Thomas Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 1FS

Located in the Northern Quarter shows are housed in the basement function room.

Capacity: 40

Seating: set in a semi circular seating pattern there is a collection of seating from stools to couches, with standing room for busier shows.

Dates available:

Monday 17th October

Tuesday 18th October

Wednesday 19th October

Thursday 20th October

Sunday 23rd October

Monday 24th October

Tuesday 25th October

Sunday 30th October

Timeslots: 7:00PM, 8:15PM, 9:45PM


The Manchester Comedy Festival runs from 17th to 31st October.

MCF Publicity: Apotheca will be a registered MCF venue and all shows will be included on the MCF website. Due to funding cutbacks the festival won’t have a printed brochure and all marketing will be done on-line. The festival also a facebook,page, group and twitter for you to add your own blurb to.

Additional Publicity:

Venue posters detailing all shows in the venue displayed in venue and additional sites around the city.

Additional A6 flyers in static flyer locations detailing all shows at venue.

Mini website for comedy shows at Apotheca plus listing on venues website and social media sites.

I’m not going to lie the shows that are going the get the better numbers are ones that have a decent sized mailing list, twitter followers, facebook friends and other ways of pushing their show.

Venue Hire: 60/40 box office split in artist favour.

Technical Specs: PA system, with CD player, MP3 input, video projector. Guitar players will need to supply a DI box.

Ticket sales: Through a ticket agent on MCF website, plus venue box office with cash payout on the night for tickets sold on the door. Payment from Ticket agent will be separate payment.

If you are interested please contact Ian Fox through the contact form

Shows at Apotheca last year included:

Norman Lovett
Susan Vale “The Fall by Numbers”
Ashley Frieze “The Seven Deadly Sings”

Update 5th September

Just to answer a few questions that have been asked so far.

Sketch shows: I don’t think the performance space is suitable for sketch shows, due to size of stage area and layout of room. A sketch company in there last year did suffer from not using microphones and sound in the room doesn’t seem to travel that well unamplified.

Longer runs: The Manchester comedy festival is smaller than other festivals in terms of audience and performance slots available. So I don’t think it’s wise to schedule more than one show unless you are pretty much guaranteed to be selling out a show.

Types of show

Ideally looking for hour long solo shows, preferably with some decent press from Edinburgh. Or stuff with a unique selling point.

UPDATE 6th September

Thanks for all the emails so far. Got a massive pile to sift through. Hopefully I’ll get back to everyone at some point.

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