Malcolm Hardee Awards 2011

The Counting House 26th August 2011

I was sat in the technician box for most of it. John Fleming asked me to play a couple of CDs at strategic points. Turns out it was a bit more complicated that but I successfully convinced anyone asking me to do anything else that didn’t have bleeding clue how to adjust lights or sound and they went away.

In fact someone turned down the lights at one point which was a shame because I could no longer take photos without a flash.

Anyway this is what it looked like.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The show was hosted by Scott Capurro and David Mills who introduced Charlie Chuck, Frank Sanazi, Charmian Hughes, Ivor Dembina*, The Bob Blackman Appreciation Society (Johnny Sorrow and Richard Swann), Kunt and The Gang, Pat Monahan and Puppetry of the Penis (not performing as a double act). Kate Copstick gave out the awards with the help of Lewis Schaffer presenting that Brandreth fellow with the most likely to make a million pound.

*No photos due to lights being turned down.

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