TUC Protest in Manchester

According to the BBC website 35,000 people attended the TUC organised “March for the Alternative” Manchester today. There was no sign of trouble and I thought GM Police did an excellent job at the protest, they were nice and friendly.

I witnessed the “attempted break in” at Bridgewater Hall and don’t consider that reporting to be completely accurate. I saw a pair of “chinless wonders” come outside for a cigarette – not the smartest of moves considering at that point none of the protesters were aware they were holding party meetings in there. A group of about 20 then ran in the direction of the locked doors and banged on the glass until more police moved in between the doors and the protesters. The group of about 20 then dispersed and went back into the march.

This man thought it was a good idea to nip outside for a smoke when 35,000 people who didn't like him were walking past."

Protestors banging on doors at Bridgewater Hall.

Police in position

This is the first gallery of photos I took.

Second Gallery

3 thoughts on “TUC Protest in Manchester

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    • If you check out the other galleries, there’s plenty of firemen, public sector workers, etc.

      Just a quirk that the first gallery happens to be mostly young looking people.

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