They only went and started without me!

The Free Festival doesn’t kick off until tomorrow, yet already the Facebook updates are coming in. The Twitter ones may be too, but since I joined Tweetdeck, I’ve been less inclined to read Twitter like I used to. Perhaps I should fix that. The point is this – people are in Edinburgh, some shows are happening, and yet again I’m not there to witness it.

I will be there. It sounds like the start of a Rembrandts theme tune – “Edinburgh – I’ll be there for you-hoo” – but it’s not meant to, it’s just a simple fact. I will be in Edinburgh, but not yet. It’d by design that, yet again, the Fringe gets going before I hop on, and it’s probably better for me to join when it’s up and running properly, than try to deal with a first week, which is never quite as exciting as you remember the Fringe being.

Who knows. Maybe all the major things will happen between now and the 11th, when I do my first show. I somehow doubt it. The Fringe is a monster that is slow to awaken, and then dies very quickly when it ends. It takes a huge amount of preparation to get it up and running, and although I’ve not yet travelled to Scotland, I’ve been heavily involved in preparing.

Shows need writing and previewing. Tick. Posters and flyers need creating. Tick again. In fact, I got some posters made today. Now we’re in the world of cloud printing, all you need to do is click some buttons and then some posters will arrive at some sort of an address at some point. Amazing!

As far as my Fringe 2012 is concerned, there are other considerations too. I’ve got 125 spots to book for an all female comedy showcase for Funny’s Funny (The Free Sisters, 7pm 2nd – 26th) and a CD to finalise and send off for replicating for my solo show, Discograffiti (Espionage 3.45pm 11th – 26th). All this while doing all the other things I’m meant to be doing in life.

Yet the backdrop to today is the start of that weird feeling that I’m missing the most important party of the year. I guess I’ll just be reading reviews and trying to keep sane until it’s my turn to arrive and get going.

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