Full Circle

I cannot help looking back to fringes past as I prepare for what will be the last visit I make to Edinburgh in this ‘run’.

I first visited the Fringe in 1994. I returned the following year, but then ended up taking quite a few years off until I returned in 2002. I have visited every year since, and I am realistically only a few hours away from making my 11th consecutive visit, 13th overall. Given the fringe has been running since 1946, I will have been to about a fifth of them. I am on my 10th year as a performer.

My first proper fringe show, i.e. one which was written, people came to because it was in the programme, and which made people laugh, was in 2004. Oddly enough, this year’s show has the same start time.

It takes many things to prepare for a successful Fringe. In my case, three of my shows, of the four themed shows I have ever done, have required the productio n of a CD. Tonight I packaged the discs which will be given out during this year’s run, and also updated the online store where I sell the discs from  all my shows. It is odd to be still selling the discs from 2004. If nothing else, it proves we overstocked on them!

You learn a lot doing the Edinburgh Fringe, and at the same time, you unlearn a few things. It is no word of a lie to say that I feel less ready for the trip up north every year. I seem to leave more and more to the last minute, even though I should know what to do, being such an old hand at it.

Perhaps it is the pain of waiting I can’t stand, so I take my mind off it by staying aloof until the last moments.

Eight years ago, I was on top of my game. This year, with a better show, I think, I guess I am leaving more to be played by ear.

Bring it on. See you soon Edinburgh.

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