2014 Schedule


* Book a venue.

* Approximately two weeks before the final deadline for listing a show is the discount deadline. This is a saving of nearly a hundred pounds. Better to save the money now and make better use of it whilst you’re in Edinburgh. Once a show is registered you can still make adjustments to your forty word blurb and change artwork up to a week after the final deadline for show submissions.

* Final deadline for listing in the Fringe programme.

* Find somewhere to live for the month. Now this is a stressful one! Ringing up estate agents and trying not to get ripped off or ending up with a place in the middle of nowhere.
* Start looking for cheap train or plane tickets to Edinburgh.

* Write a full press release so it is ready when the Fringe programme comes out.
* Prepare websites and any additional material such as YouTube videos to seduce audiences into your show, again so they’re online when the programme is published.
* Order promotional material for your show such as T-shirts and hoodies. The cheap deals usually have a long delivery time as the merchandise makes it way from Eastern Europe.
* Start previewing your show so when you reach Edinburgh it’s ready for the spotlight.

* Fringe programme is published.
* Start approaching publications for publicity. Include press release, web links and videos etc.
JULY Prepare poster and flyer artwork files to go to the printers. Schedule delivery for about a week before you arrive. Too early and it might get put into storage and forgotten about. Too late and it might not get put up in time. Check with the venue when they want to receive stuff. Posters and flyers need to arrive before you do.

Dates for the festival change each year. The Fringe closes on the August bank holiday Monday in England – not Scotland.

MONDAY 27TH JULY: Venues start technical rehearsals which carry on until the first shows start. Venues won’t be open to the public during these times.

TUESDAY 28TH JULY: The day most acts will travel to Edinburgh. The most likely day to bump into comedy’s superstars at motorway services and train stations. Also the date of my annual “As part of the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe festival I shall be appearing at Tebay services for the next 30 minutes” tweet and FB status update.

WEDNESDAY 29TH JULY: Preview shows start in the Pleasance and Gilded Balloon plus press launches for other venues.

THURSDAY 30TH JULY: Preview shows at Assembly, Underbelly and The Stand. Free Festival shows also start.

FRIDAY 1ST AUGUST: The Fringe officially begins and start of PBH Free Fringe shows.
There then follows three weeks of mayhem.

TUESDAY 12TH AUGUST: Usually the day most acts choose for their day off. Typically a slow day for ticket sales and approximately the half-way point.

SATURDAY 23RD AUGUST: PBH Free Fringe shows close.

SUNDAY 24TH AUGUST: Shows at the Caves and Free Festival close. Closing party for Free Festival

MONDAY 25TH AUGUST: Final shows. Closing Party at The Stand. Performers start to go home, as they only rented accommodation for 28 days.

OCTOBER Fringe box office usually pays out at the end of September, so early in October you’ll either receive your payout from your venue or an invoice.

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