Case studies: Thinking out of the box

Case study: Chris Dangerfield

To promote his show ‘Sex Tourist’ at the 2012 Fringe, Chris negotiated a sponsorship deal with one of the local escort agencies. Allegedly anyone with a flyer for Chris’ show got a 10% discount on the agency’s price list.

Case study: Lewis Schaffer (again)

At the 2013 Fringe Richard Herring decided not to produce expensive posters for his show, instead spending the same amount of money producing a DVD of a previous show for his flyerering team to give away. Not shy about jumping on a bandwagon Lewis added the strap line “Free Richard Herring DVD” to his posters and gave away Herring’s DVDs to anyway who came to see his show and gave him a £5 donation.

Case study: Barry Fearns

Not really surprising that Barry won a Malcolm Hardee Cunning Stunt Award. Malcolm was never adverse to taking a short-cut himself with publicity, and in the days before email he rang up the news desk at The Scotsman newspaper pretending to be one of their critics. He dictated a review for his own show to one of the secretaries on duty awarding himself a five star review, which was duly printed.

Barry pulled off a similar gag in 2013 printing up 2,000 fake ThreeWeeks and Broadway Baby one-sheets – an A3 double sided sheet photocopied and distributed around Fringe venues daily. Barry then went around venues removing the genuine copies of those publications and replacing them with his own home-made publication which gave his show 6 stars and announced him as the winner of the Fosters Comedy Award.

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