Patrick Monahan

Pat Monahan

The Irish Iranian Geordie is a regular on the UK comedy circuit, playing venues such as the Comedy Store, Jongleurs, The Glee club. He also makes regular appearances on The Paul O’ Grady Show.

Why do you go to the fringe and do comedy festival shows?

I do Edinburgh shows cos it gives me a chance to do a whole one hour show on me own and that’s not in a club environment where it’s got to be shorter and more rushed compressed routines!

To save me from doing a lot of swearing at google, what is your history of Edinburgh shows?

I’ve done 6 Edinburgh solo shows in a row!

2004 “Game on”, 2005 “The Road Map to Peace”, 2006 “Do The Right Thing”, 2007 “Feel The Love”, 2008 “Time Bandit”, 2009 “Cowboys & Iranians”, 2010 “I Walked, I Danced, I’ran”.

Also double Header with Shazia Mirza in 2003 and the” Comedy Clone” at The Pleasance in 2002.  Plus two children’s shows “Stories And Fables For Kids That Like To Sit At Tables!” and “Brand New Stories And Tales For Kids That Can Run Faster Than Snails”.

Do you choose themed shows or just a straight hour of stand up?

I try to avoid themed shows cos it doesn’t work for my style of interactive comedy but I do structured shows with a beginning and an end piece!

How do you choose material for the show?

Whatever takes my interest for the year.

How do you assemble a show?

I try to link pieces of material that will link or could be grouped together and try out the bits of material at several clubs before doing it all together as one piece!

Best piece of advice anyone gave you about the fringe?

You get loads of different types of advice but only some will be relevant to you like ‘don’t go heavy on the booze and partying’ each night, but I’ve never drank so it’s not too hard to do! And don’t go up worrying about awards, reviews or industry, just concentrate on doing a good show, the rest will come!

What do you think the most common mistake acts make at the fringe?

Drink all night and party cos it is a festival but forget that it’s a festival that lasts for 30 days!

Most effective way of selling a show?

Word of mouth is the best way ever, failing that bribery is a close second!

What’s your favourite memory of the fringe?

Being crowd surfed over 400 people at 3am in the morning at late and live!

Least favourite memory of the fringe?

Losing my voice half way through the festival and still having 2 weeks left off the festival to do with about 3 shows a day!

You can follow Patrick on Twitter or visit his website

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